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    Rules and Season Structure


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    Rules and Season Structure Empty Rules and Season Structure

    Post by Rizzo Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:59 am

    Season Structure

    -The regular season will consist of 10 wars
    -Players will accrue points based on their outcomes in prep and wars (see below rules)
    -Top 24 players after the regular season will advance to a single elimination tournament. The top 8 will receive a 1st round bye.
    - Players must finish with a POSITIVE point score to qualify for the tournament

    If there is a TIE in points scored, the following will be used for tiebreakers for seed purposes:

    1. missed war battles (If someone did their prep but not their war thats a strike, if someone has more strikes then they would lose the tiebreaker)
    2. War record
    3. Prep Record
    4. Crowns
    5. Style Points


    - two points gained for a prep win, (-1) for a prep loss.  
    - ten points for a war win, (-5) for a war loss.  
    - missed prep battles will be counted as losses.  A missed war match will result in a (-20) point loss.
    - someone who does not participate in a war will result in a (-13) point loss.  

    - Bonus five points (style points) awarded for the following:
    -Winning all 3 prep battles
    -Winning all 3 prep battles AND war battle
    -War MVP
    -3 crown victory in war battle
    -If someone gets the 4 above bonuses they will also be awarded the triple crown award and receive another 5 bonus points

    - Season MVP is calibrated by using FIVE metrics.  Prep W/L, War W/L, Crowns won in WAR, Style Points, and Overall Points

    - If a person is given two war battles, the FIRST war is what will count towards their record or in playoff matches

    - Playoff wins are determined by points.  3-0/war win (16), 2-1/war win (13), 1-2/war win (10), 0-3/war win (7), 3-0/war loss (1), 2-1/war loss (-2), 1-2/war loss (0), 0-3/war loss (-Cool. Bonus 5 points given for a 3 crown victory.  
    - In the event of a tie, whoever gets more crowns will advance
    - In the event of a single crown tie, if one player wins in regulation while another wins in OT, the person who wins in regulation will advance
    - In the event of a further tie, overall damage given - damage taken will determine who moves on
    - missed war prep battles will result in a (-5) point loss rather than the standard (-1) point loss

    - Missing THREE war matches after entering into a war during a single season will result in removal from the clan
    - Sitting out more than FIVE wars in a single season will result in removal from the clan (unless we have been notified there will be an extended absence)

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