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    League of Champions


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    League of Champions Empty League of Champions

    Post by Rizzo Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:35 pm

    To further promote activity and competitiveness in the clan, today I announce a new league to go alongside our current monthly seasonal league. Prize structure is to be determined still but here is how this new league will play out:

    - This will be a head to head league with the goal being to become the clan champion.
    -Structure will be like a boxing/UFC card. People will be paired up against each other based on their record and move their way up the ladder to a title shot.
    -The league will release a new card every Monday and everyone will have the week to get their match done

    -A random draw will determine the 16 man tournament to crown the first champ. Everyone else will start playing random matches with whoever with the best record will get the first shot at the new champion once crowned. From there it will be based on rankings, the #2 guy will always challenge the #1 guy on every new card. Win you move up, lose and you will move down.

    -Each league season will last a full calendar year. A point system will be established and a final tournament will commence and whoever is on top at the end of the year will be crowned the grand champion of the clan for the year and win a nice cash reward.

    Unlike our regular league, this league is completely optional to participate in. If you do not wish to compete please let me know so you can be removed from the league roster.

    The league will begin Monday December 2 and end December 1 2020.

    Rules and prize structure coming soon!

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